How to make Pasta Fagioli



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Been under the weather and wanted some delicious soup. Had everything to make Pasta Fagioli so I did. I don’t add tomatoes I like mine as a white soup.


5 slices bacon chopped

-1 large onion chopped fine

-2 stalks celery and

2 large carrots chopped

– 1.5 heads of garlic minced

– 64 oz chicken broth

– 2 large cans cannellini beans

– spinach chopped

– small pasta

-4 sprigs of thyme

-1-2 tablespoons oregano or to taste.

Salt pepper to taste.

In a Dutch oven brown bacon over med heat till crisp-add garlic and onions sauté till soft(add a little Olive oil if dry)

– add add carrots and celery sauté 5 minutes

– add beans and cook a few minutes stirring occasionally.

– add chicken broth and herbs with salt-pepper taste.

Simmer 30 minutes

– add pasta cook till done.

Add spinach.

Serve in bowls topped with fresh grated Parm.



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